St. Stephen's Nursery School, established in 1976, is a ministry of St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in Hicksville, NY.  We offer a well-rounded Christian education for the preschool child ages 2, 3 and 4.  We provide the materials and motivation to aid the child in developing a sense of what the child and the child's world are like.  Our qualified staff guide the child and channel his/her energy and enthusiasm into constructive learning experiences.  Our program contains enough structure to challenge the child and provide a stable, yet varied environment.  All possible facilities and resources are used to aid in the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of the child. 

Our Program/Curriculum

Christian faith will be a part of the program as the curriculum follows the seasonal calendar of the church.  There is an emphasis on Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.  The children will attend short chapel services occasionally throughout the year.  The program is divided into four seasonal units.  Each unit includes appropriate books, music, arts and crafts, math activities, language, social studies/science activities, creative play experiences and some field trips.  

Your child will learn to share, take turns, negotiate and cooperate.  We will help them develop longer attention spans; feelings of self-discipline and patience.  We will encourage creativity and imagination.  Activites will include blocks, letters, numbers, arts & crafts and story time.  There will be a snack served every day.  In all age levels weather permitting, the children will go outside to the playground.  In addition, the dental hygienist vistis to teach proper brushing; we have a music & movement program that visits twice a year.  The fire truck comes for a visit in the Spring and we take nature walks to learn about God's creations and planting.  The 3's have their annual Halloween parade and/or carnival in the Fall, they visit the Library to introduce them to reading and visit Stop & Shop to learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits.  The 4's visit the Aviation museum; the Fish Hatchery and share their traditional Christmas play, which teaches the birth of baby Jesus.  

All in all, St. Stephen's offers a well-rounded Christian education for the pre-kindergartner that has been serving the Hicksville and surrounding communities for over 40+ years.  

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